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About Us

The Handwashingforlife® Institute is a global organization and an international leader in identifying and advocating end-to-end best practices in hand hygiene. The company provides independent, objective and unbiased advice in a practical, affordable and sustainable manner.

The Handwashingforlife Institute is devoted to advancing the science of hand hygiene with the purpose of reducing the incidence of healthcare acquired infections and foodborne illness outbreaks caused by poor hand and high-touch surface cleanliness. It is a global organization in support of solving the common hand hygiene challenges around the world.

General Manager, USA & Canada, Healthcare:

Executive Director & Chief Scientific Officer:

Global Patient Safety Advisor:

  • Larry Jackson

Field Assessments, Training & Consultancy:

  • Anne-Marie, Loots, South Africa
  • Dion Lerman CP-FS Adult Education Specialst
  • Jamie Stamey, MS, RDN, LDN, CP-FS,


  • Carolyn Mann

Emergency Room Advisor:

  • Dr. Dan Perrault

Infection Control Advisors:

  • Dr. Jim Arbogast, Microbiology

Pre-Med Student Contributor:

Regulatory Advisors - USA:

  • Available on request

Outbreak Investigations:

  • By project

Outbreak Legal Advisor:

Applied Research

Orlando Research Module:
Zvia Shever

Research Board:
Available on request