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The Take 5 Leadership Group

Who is busier than caregivers? Our take on Take 5 is to ask patient and resident-concerned leaders to take a Time Out and periodically consider hand and high-touch surface cleanliness hygiene enhancements that are working for others. Take 5 is both this group’s name and its core communication medium.

When jazz legend Dave Brubeck named his album Time Out with its ever popular Take 5 number, he was not thinking about handwashing but we find it a fitting reflection.

The Take 5 Leadership Group is first an alliance of busy caregivers who are willing to take a few minutes per month to quickly scan what other leaders are doing to reduce their risk of outbreaks.

Secondly, the Take 5 Member Report is a short email menu of insights designed to be quick and creative – giving you an opportunity to spot actions that might fit your operation or role. Response is optional but always welcomed as this leadership group is our primary source to determine what works and what doesn't.

Take 5

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