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Myth #3: Tight budgets eliminate investment in new handwash monitoring technology.

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Infection Budgeting

Add facts to ignite a patient priority for electronic handwash monitoring

Tight budgets are perhaps the easiest way to avoid change and hide behind a culture of the status quo. Facing the budget process with evidence is a game changer. Facts driven by electronic handwashing monitoring can convert the budget hawks into allies for continuous, measured improvement. The budget becomes their vehicle to justify and deliver a new level of patient safety via increased handwashing compliance.

Breaking this third myth lights the path for action:

First, healthcare must break the Normalcy Bias and individual facilities must aggressively seek a solution to patient deaths by poor handwashing.

Second, c-suites must now look at the new reality and reconsider their patient risk in light of verified data connecting more frequent handwashing with HAI reductions.

Third, treat the budget as your friend to drive this patient-safety investment.