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Nursing Home’s Person-Centered Handwashing

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Leveraging handwashing to establish a culture of caring

Our search for a nursing home that had control of their handwashing took us to Ireland, Tralee to be more specific. We had heard about its years of success in complimenting their observational handwash monitoring with electronics. 

This non-denominational facility, Cúil Díden, was built in 2002 and 64 residents call it home. Most are single occupancy rooms. The facility is 100% occupied and enjoys a solid waiting list. It is located in a rural area near the Bay of Tralee. Cúil Díden translates to “nook of shelter”. Catriona O’Connor, the proprietor and Director of Care, has created a very special nook of healing care, person-centered care.

The HigenX system's color-change badge feature is explained to new residents. They are informed of their own responsibilities to wash their hands often to protect themselves and their neighbors. Residents are advised to accept care from only those whose badge is lighted in green, including care from visiting doctors and therapists.