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A New Handwash to Celebrate World Hand Hygiene Day

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The SaniTwice® protocol is a special friend of bedridden patients

First developed for the military, this two step, cleanse-sanitize, protocol has found many applications in water-scarce situations beyond the deserts of the Middle East where is was first deployed. The latest “desert” is the bed of the bedridden patient. SaniTwice provides an uncompromisingly effective hand wash by using the hand sanitizer as a wash agent followed by a vigorous drying with a single-use paper towel. A followup application of the sanitizer according to label instructions kills remaining pathogens.

Hand sanitizers are thought to be ineffective on Norovirus yet there is one innovative product formulated for this specific virus, Purell VF-481. This protocol has also been tested and found effective by Emory University in lettuce harvesting where its cleaning power was called into action. { two links to primary research reports on our food website]

SaniTwice raises the cleaning power over straight hand sanitizer use because of the added friction when approached as a hand washing step and the added friction from the paper towel wipe-off. It will not be effective on 100% of organisms but neither is the soap-water wash.