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Owning the New Joint Commission Standard for Handwashing

Mike Mann's picture

The Joint Commission’s new zero-tolerance standard for handwashing is proving to be the end of the line for many facilities who have long accepted the flawed compliance standard perpetuated by the misinformation of observation-only monitoring.

This dramatic change calls on the “owner” of the handwashing accountability to step forward. “Who is it?” is the focal point of a presentation at APIC’s Exhibit Hall booth # 1737 on June 15th at 10:45 a.m. Data as to the reasons why compliance is lower that desired is being collected during the first two days of the show on Chicago Faucet’s booth #434 and will be included in Friday’s interactive session.

Handwashing For Life Institute’s Executive Director, Jim Mann, has been invited to address APIC 2018 by Chicago Faucets, the leader in touch-free faucet reliability and hygiene. Jim notes that “C. diff has increased traffic at the handsink, raising the demand for high-reliability touch-free faucets and deep-draw, easily cleaned handsinks. The first handwashing priority is to get the caregiver to the handsink and flawless faucets make a difference.”