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Ready for Norovirus

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'Tis the season to be . . . washing your hands!

Great Britain uses a colorful name to describe norovirus as it went technically unclassified for years but its effects were well known, particularly in nursing homes. The "winter vomiting disease” takes its toll every year in a pattern now confirmed in this CDC slide.

Norovirus usually hits the headlines when it turns 100,000 ton ships back to port. It is a true David and Goliath battle with norovirus checking in at 30 nanometers and the Allure of the Seas ocean liner at 1,187 feet long and 20 stories high.

Don’t ignore hand sanitizer in the battle with norovirus. You often hear that it is not effective on norovirus as it kills only 90% or 99%. Those aren’t bad numbers but if you want to really do a number on norovirus during its seasonal onslaught, use a very special, very unique version of Purell called VF-481. That moves the kill needle to record heights of 99.99+%.

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