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Matching Risk With Regimen

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The multi-tasker's handwash

Handsinks are plentiful in healthcare facilities. They seem like they are everywhere until you need one and you:

  1. don’t want to leave the patient’s bedside.
  2. want to complete a conversation at the nurse’s station.
  3. are pushing a wheelchair and don’t want to leave the patient’s side.
  4. are on a patio without a handsink.
  5. are walking down the corridor without time to duck into a restroom.
  6. want to remain by the phone for an important call.
  7. are helping out a patient in rehab.

… want to do some deeper cleaning than hand-sanitizers alone can deliver.

A RubScrub™ station simply consists of a hand-sanitizer dispenser and a box of quality paper towels.

Apply a double or triple dose of hand sanitizer. Rub vigorously for 20 seconds. Aggressively wipe dry.

For even greater peace-of-mind, reapply hand-sanitizer following label instructions. This double protocol is known as the SaniTwice® method.

Being a busy multi-tasking caregiver is no excuse for care-less hand hygiene. Attached are 8 different regimens ready to address specific healthcare situations.

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