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A Successful Culture Change Doubles Handwashing Rates

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Data plus leadership records sustainable gains in handwashing behaviors.

Culture change is often cited as a requirement where hand washing rates need to be doubled to reach a safe level. The Atrio Restaurant in Carmel, Indiana, lead by Chef Peter Fulgenzi, took on that task, challenging his staff to accept their professional role in serving safe food and giving them a measurement tool to verify handwashing without filling in tedious logs.

Chef Peter Fulgenzi supported his staff by setting standards based on risk. He made investments in best practice hand hygiene stations to make it easy for staff to do the right thing. He set the conditions for success and started a rigorous training program.

His final step proved to be a game changer when it effectively closed the loop from Risk Assessment, Standards, Process Optimization, Training and finally, to meaningful Monitoring. He added electronic compliance monitoring to multiply the opportunities  for human observations with cost-effective wireless electronics.

Here is a brief summary of Chef Peter’s decisions in creating his Culture of Culinary Caring: