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Verifying Caregiver Handwashing In Behavioral Health & Memory Care

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No wall dispensers. No problem.

Care areas without wall-hung alcohol hand sanitizer dispensers often escape the rigors of many RTLS and standalone hand hygiene monitoring systems. BioVigil has developed a product whereby hand sanitizer can be carried in the pocket of a caregiver and hand hygiene performance and compliance will still be monitored.

The caregiver uses sanitizer and by “Pledging”, a term used to describe the action of cupping one’s hand over the BioVigil badge for hand hygiene performance detection, the caregiver is credited with a compliant handwash. The badge has a sensor that detects the alcohol sanitizer used, and also has a proximity sensor and timing element used to validate hand washing with soap and water.

This same feature is very helpful for verifying the performance of patient care area entry/exit hand hygiene events as well as in-room and bedside hand hygiene performance.