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Visualization & Personalization Drive Handwashing Improvements

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Germ theory comes to life by visualization and personalization of the poorly washed hand. A visual feedback explains why hands must be washed at least 10 seconds and preferably 15 or 20, depending on the contamination and the physical condition of the people under their care. This is the advantage in using the ProGrade Scorecard where a standard in quality of the handwash is established.

You are invited to print off a few copies of the ProGrade template (attachments at bottom of page) and start teaching handwashing as a professional skill, using your favorite tracer and disclosure light. Mark, score and store these as a proof-of-knowledge, proof of what each caregiver has to do to meet the agreed operational standard.

Consider including this new video in your ProGrade standard-setting initiative. This will visually highlight the need to wash, including the when and how.

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