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The Core Handwash

This poster is a no-charge download, designed as a training aid and a daily reminder of a more professional and productive 20 second handwash. The sequence listed in step #3 converts the mindless passing of time method to a make-sense increase in friction. This change also encourages the caregiver to think of handwashing as a process based on chemistry, physics and ergonomics.


The pattern is quickly internalized and muscle-memory kicks in to make it a new habit. The Core Handwash extends the intuitive handwashing time, eliminating the sense of boredom, particularly for the dispirited choir singing Happy Birthday 20 times a day or more. Its effectiveness can be further enhanced with the use of a nailbrush or following up the Core with an application of hand sanitizer.

Friction is a friend of effective handwashing. Here is the process for you to follow when running water is available. Wet hands as a pre-rise. Apply soap, srubbing hands for 10-30 seconds according to soil load and cleanliness standards:  

  • Palm-to-palm
  • Front-to-back
  • Claw-to-paw
  • The interlock
  • Wrists
  • Thumbs
  • Rinse hands thoroughly
  • Wipe hands vigorously with a paper towel
  • As an additional safety step, apply hand sanitizer according to label instructions.

The Handwashing For Life Core Handwash protocol is simply effective - the professional choice where potable running water is available and convenient. Handwashing skill can be visualized and scored by using GlitterBug® tracer lotion