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Leadership Forum

The Handwashing Leadership Forum® is an alliance of advocates who are invited to join based on their demonstrated leadership and commitment to lowering the risks of nosocomial and person-to-person illness.

Members agree that by thinking and working together we can replace risk with integrated solutions. We can fill the gaps in the science of hand hygiene, good gloving and the cleanliness of high-touch surfaces.

Our Forum Members:

Build, Plan & Equip


CareReady® Hands

Kleenex® Brand


The KLEENEX® Brand promises to constantly innovate to consistently deliver superior product performance and premium quality that reflects the commitment to care for your well-being - even over the



GOJO Industries, a national leader in hand hygiene and skin care with over 60 years of experience, offers the following:

TouchReady® Surfaces



CareReady® Hands



For over 20 years the Brevis Corporation has been helping improve infection control and hand hygiene with continued research and new product development. Brevis was created by J.

TouchReady® Surfaces