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Good supply decisions are those that endure. They start from the strategic view where risk was assessed and understood by all ... including finance and purchasing. Good everyday purchasing decisions require strong leadership. Buying products where tolerances are poorly defined can easily sink into single, price-based criterion.

In hospitals, this is minimized by the Infection Control Committee which must approve all supply changes. Such integrating bodies are less prevalent in  long-term care operations. It is oh so tempting to buy something cheaper to the cheers of those unaware of the attendant HAI risk factor.

CareReady® Hands



GOJO Industries, a national leader in hand hygiene and skin care with over 60 years of experience, offers the following:

TouchReady® Surfaces

GP Professional

GP PRO Commercial Paper Towels & Dispensers provide the best solutions for your business with touchless automatic dispensers and roll & fold refills that help improve hygiene in your office, restauran