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Training for CareReady® Hands

Educate, Motivate & Train

Successful Long-Term Care and Acute Care depends on professionalism throughout the facility, including Resident/Patient rooms and bathrooms, kitchen/dining space, special care rooms, staff break rooms and public areas. It can be and should be a rewarding career from the entry-level worker, to the local management and owners.

A lack of staff motivation stifles the needed enthusiasm for success and wastes training and education investments. If no one takes the time to make the job important then there is no component task that is important. Where tasks like handwashing are trivialized, don't expect training to change behaviors. Consider the value of personalized and visualized standards in converting a slacker to a motivated professional.

Standards & Expectations

Training is largely a waste in the absence of agreed standards and expectations. Rewarding achievement is a key to maintaining positive behaviors and is virtually impossible without standards. Step Two of the HandsOn System can help plug this hole and set the stage for effective training and enduring behavior change. Measuring both handwashing Quality and Frequency are important. (See Step Five for more on Handwashing Frequency Training and Monitoring.)

CareReady® Hands ProGrade Scoresheet

This scoresheet is both a training tool as well as a vehicle to periodically monitor the quality of the entire staff's handwashing skills. Operators are encouraged to retain the latest results in personnel files, accentuating the importance of this performance standard.

ProGrade first demonstrates current handwashing effectiveness and highlights the areas that need addressing. Apply GlitterBug tracer to hands as if it were a hand lotion, assuring good coverage. Wash off and check with a safe UV source to visually score the handwash effectiveness. "Congratulations in meeting our standard of clean - CareReady®Hands."

For proper handwashing techniques, The Core Handwash is recommended. Pre-rinse the hands, take soap and follow this sequence: Palm-To-Palm, Front-To-Back, Claw-To-Paw, the Interlock, Wrists and Thumbs. The hand-scrubbing process should take 15-20 seconds to complete. For added cleaning extend the scrub time, use a nailbrush or repeat the process for those high-risk situations. Once clean, apply hand sanitizer for added patient, staff and resident protection. Don gloves where appropriate.


ProGrade Scoresheet - Blank

The HandsOn™ Handwashing Training System

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ProGrade Scoresheet - Blank

Team Rally Training Guide

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ProGrade Scoresheet - Example

ProGrade Scoresheet Example

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ProGrade Scoresheet - Blank

ProGrade Scoresheet Blank

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