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Assess Risk for TouchReady® Surfaces

Good surface hygiene is critical to any and all healthcare facilities. If you are satisfied with your surface cleanliness systems, keep up the good work and please share with us your system and standards.

The high-touch surface cleanliness standards are crucial in Resident and Patient rooms as are those in kitchens, dining rooms, and all specialized care areas. Each surface has its own reason for being clean. But some surfaces are clearly more risky in contaminating hands and reaching the immune compromised. These surfaces deserve identification, standards of cleanliness and closer monitoring than most.

As in the Risk Assessment for CareReady® Hands, we suggest forming a temporary cross-functional team to see if the surfaces are contributing to a level of unnecessary risk - that risk which can be eliminated in the short term without a major capital investment. This team should minimally include Risk Management or Finance, Nursing and Environmental Services. Training, Human Resources and Purchasing also can be very helpful if a plan moves forward to implementation.

Most Infection Preventionists and Nurse Administrators are less than happy with their hand hygiene compliance and concerned that staff hands, especially at busy times, are less than CareReady, presenting an unnecessary level of risk.