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Monitoring of TouchReady® Surfaces

In caregiving, as in most endeavors, what gets measured gets done. Regular feedback motivates both staff and management. The team is, we are, meeting expectations. If not, variations from the norm are swiftly corrected and the risk of HAI outbreaks is kept very low. The business and its jobs are secure. The public's perception of quality in both the place and the people creates an image of professionalism, keeping rates of occupancy at profitable levels.

High-touch surface cleanliness monitoring is led by Adensine Triphosphate (ATP) chemistry, best known for its ability to rapidly deterimine the presence of organic material and report it in numbers.

Fluorescent tracers together with safe-range UV disclosure lamps, provide a low-tech low-cost visual system. It is commonly used to compliment ATP by increasing the number of readings, often on a daily or weekly assessment.

Both systems open the door to setting performance standards and rewarding high achievers.