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Optimize for TouchReady® Surfaces

Always look for ways to make it easier for the staff to do the right thing. Set procedures to make sense and be as intuitive as possible. Look to make all changes relevant to the staff's performance and resident/patient satisfaction.

Substrate choices in tabletops and work surfaces can make a big difference in contamination levels and ease of cleaning. Avoid sharp grooved surfaces, levers and handles where possible.

Convenience Leverages Compliance

Convenience heavily influences the staff's likelihood to use clean-as-you-go protocols. Here we look at the integration and synergies of three critical components in building a sustainable process:

  1. A well formulated user-friendly sanitizing cleaner that can be used on a broad spectrum of soils and surfaces - without requiring gloves.
  2. A single-use paper towel with a good friction factor, high absorbency and wet strength.
  3. ATP monitoring to maintain standards and celebrate success.