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Water & Cost Savings Calculator

Safe Levels for handwashing must be set prior to productivity rates. Both the quality and frequency of handwashing are important Best Practices to measure and monitor. In this case, specifying electronic faucets for employee convenience and safety resulted in unexpected savings — enough to pay for the Best Practices faucets.

See your potential savings:

Annual Employee Hours

Electronic Faucet “Time Out” Factor:* x 0.9
*Apply electronic faucet “time-out” factor of 0.9 gallons saved per 20 second handwash. [Manual faucets flow while adjusting temperature, applying soap, during scrub phase and turning off. This results in approximately 25 seconds of “timeout” for electronic faucets. A 2.2 gallon flow rate shut off for 25 seconds saves 0.9 gallons of water.]

Annual Water Savings in Gallons

Your Water Cost per 1,000 Gallons: $
Your Sewer Cost per 1,000 Gallons: $

Annual Savings in $$$$

$ 2,047.97
$ 4,095.94
$ 6,143.91

The energy saved to heat the water represents additional savings.
Please Note:

  • All unit rates are based upon 1,000 gallons.
  • All rates are based on consumption only. Most cities charge additional customer service charges based on meter size and other factors.
  • Some cities vary their water consumption charges based on meter size. In these cases average costs are used.
  • Some cities vary their water consumption charges based on seasonal changes. We have utilized an average cost.
  • Some cities charged different consumption rates for inside and outside the city limits. These are noted when applicable.
  • Some cities’ charges go up based on an increasing or decreasing consumption scale. A usage amount is the basis here.