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Culinary’s Electronic Hand Hygiene Monitoring Cuts Norovirus Risk

A start in the kitchen is a classroom for nursing

Observational, "secret shopper” monitoring doesn’t work in healthcare kitchens and yet the path from food preparation, plating and delivery to the patient or resident is lined with norovirus infection opportunities.

Handwashing For Life Healthcare submitted specifications for kitchen hand wash monitoring to a variety of technology suppliers. CloudClean™ responded with two simplifications, Tier 1 and Tier 2, of their system already in use in one of our research sites. Indiana University Health System’s North Hospital has been successfully using CloudClean’s Tier 3 for over two years.

GOJO/Purell joined in this solution by creating specialized soap and sanitizer dispensers that dock seamlessly with CloudClean’s data organizing and reporting system. This partnering creates an opportunity to convert handwashing into a process with standards and control, setting up a staff-motivated course of continuous improvement, the standard favored by the Joint Commission.

CloudClean added a port to include kitchen temperature monitoring within the same infrastructure. This cuts labor, improves accuracy and provides an immediate payback, helping shorten the budget approval process.

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For over 20 years the Brevis Corporation has been helping improve infection control and hand hygiene with continued research and new product development. Brevis was created by J.