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Proper use of quality, single-use gloves significantly lowers the risk of cross-contamination, provided they are changed regularly. Gloves deliver an added level of protection and provide a visual cue to patients and residents that the establishment cares about their well being.

When wearing gloves it is critical to insure that staff members properly wash their hands both before donning gloves and immediately on removal of gloves, known as doffing. Pathogens thrive in the warm, moist atmosphere created on a gloved hand.

The glove selection process checklist:

  • Select supplier with safety experience and a commitment to the industry
    • Look for third party certifications.
  • Document procedure for food workers (when to use, when to remove, how and where to use).
  • Choose glove style & material to fit task
    • Form fit: for high dexterity (vinyl, latex, synthetic)
    • Loose fit: for frequent changes (poly)
  • Choose proper sizes for your staff.
  • Test gloves for ease of use (easy open, powder interior?) 
  • Develop a disposal plan for used gloves

Glove Fitment Guide

PDF icon Glove Fitment Guide1 MB