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Hand Sanitizer

Convenient & Effective

Alcohol sanitizers are proven boosters to hand cleanliness throughout healthcare facilities. Not dependent on residual chemicals to kill pathogens, alcohol hand sanitizers do not carry the risk of possible food contamination and do not build microbial resistance.

Well formulated alcohol sanitizers have controlled-release systems which help spread the alcohol and hold it in place for maximum effectiveness. Emollients, skin's moisture maintainers, take over as a final protective action.

Using Sanitizer

About 80% of common infections are spread directly by the hands, but there are times when hands are not visibly soiled or it just isn't convenient or possible to wash your hands with soap and water. Hand sanitizers are quick, convenient, gentle, and most importantly, highly effective against most common infection-causing germs.

Formulation Matters

Some facilities mistakenly selct their hand sanitizer based wholly on alcohol content. In the first pair of graphs you see a broad spectrum of effectivess dissociated from the alcohol level. 70% alcohol formulations outperform those of 80-90%.

The first graph covers the performance of a single application and the second one illustrates effectiveness after 10 repeated uses.

In Vivo Results. Log Reductions of Human Norovirus

Hand Sanitizers Effective Against Norovirus

This third graph demonstrates another case where formulation matters. Alcohol hand sanitizers are generally not known for their effectiveness on norovirus yet this synergized formula, Purell VF-481, is many times better than Products C and D with their similar level of ethyl alcohol.. Alcohol level alone is not the measure of effectiveness.


Remote Site Location

Try the Sani-Twice procedure. If you are faced with the situation where good hand washing facilities are not available use this SaniTwice sanitizing routine:

  • Apply a generous portion of alcohol sanitizer, rubbing vigorously as in a Core Handwash. To complete this cleaning step, wipe aggressively with a paper towel before alcohol evaporates.
  • Repeat application but this time let air dry according to label directions.


Additional Information

While we share the FDA's preference for hand washing with soap and water the Handwashing For Life Institute views SaniTwice as a much better alternative than a "non-handwash". This procedure can provide a 3 log reduction in microbe count and significantly reduce the risk of contamination.

In establishing your “HandsOn” process, map the workflow and indicate Sanitizer Intervention Points as well as those likely requiring a soap/water handwash. This will help locate the sanitizer dispensers for maximum convenience. Remember to consider specific but infrequent caregiver tasks, often a source of cross-contamination. Even your residents and patients will appreciate access to a Hand Sanitizer dispenser both for personal use and as a visual cue of patient safety. The Hands-On System »

The Alcohol Sanitizer Selection Checklist

  1. Supplier credibility: documented healthcare and foodservice efficacy.
  2. Effective surface wetting & a controlled evaporation system.
  3. User appeal of smooth coverage and feel on hands.
  4. Skin friendly. Contains moisturizers for healthy hands.
  5. Dispenser system: reliable, fast/easy refilling with airless/sealed bag packaging to maintain the active ingredient and moisturizer balance.
  6. Food Code compliant formulation.
  7. Human norovirus effectiveness where applicable.

Hand Sanitizers Effective Against Norovirus

Hand Sanitizers Effective Against Norovirus

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Purell® Hand Sanitizer


Superior specialized formula for critical hand hygiene situations, where close quarters may increase the likelihood of outbreaks. Provides broad spectrum activity against microorganisms in a silky-smooth formulation with four skin moisturizers.

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Hand Sanitizer