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TouchReady® Surfaces

Surfaces harbor pathogens. High-touch surface cleanliness is a critical patient-centered wellness factor. These surfaces must be identified and matched up with effective but user-friendly protocols. They must be cleaned often by everybody, not just housekeeping. Clean-as-you-go is the protocol of choice.



Cleaned or not? A simple marking with an invisible ultra-violet ink, monitored with a uv disclosure light, provides the supervisor with data to reward success or discipline under achievement.

Rapid Detection

Rapid measurement technology can reduce hand-contamination by providing instant feedback on surface cleaning effectiveness. Cleaner surfaces promote cleaner hands and patient or resident wellness. Rapid feedback to staff defines success and stimulates training.


Build, Plan & Equip


Two standards are required for handwashing, one for the quality and a second for the likely frequency to maintain hands CareReady®. An assessment of current practices is a good place to involve management and caregiver representatives from nursing, culinary and housekeeping.