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Paper Towels & Wipers

Everybody Cares. Everybody Cleans.

Paper is a renewable resource providing a critically important property of single-use. Better papers are more absorbent, stronger and offer greater effectiveness. These properties add up to saving time and imparting a level of user-satisfaction that encourages a clean-as-you-go procedure.

Clean-as-you-go is the only way to deal with the frequency of surface contamination. Periodic deep cleaning by housekeeping is very important but too much transpires between planned interventions.

High-touch surfaces are contaminated many times per hour. Unsuspecting caregivers pickup handfuls of invisible trouble. Yes, most of the contaminant can be killed with a thorough application of hand sanitizer but the surfaces themselves offer a primary control point.

High-touch surfaces collect pathogens like a transfer station, becoming an entry point to the many caregiving cycles.

Handwashing For Life Healthcare prefers a clean-as-you-go protocol which uses a hand-friendly spray cleaner (no gloves required) and a single-use paper towel. These two components are very versatile and can be located adjacent to high-touch zones. The spray cleaner is selected on cleaning power rather than the time-consuming methods to kill microorganisms. A well-chosen cleaner disinfectant will give the user a breadth of options from a quick spray & wipe to a multi-minute disinfection.

Disinfectant and sanitizing wipes are good option for many situations.


Best Practices

Hand Drying Best Practices & Fact vs. Fiction Information

Hand Drying Best Practices & Fact vs. Fiction Information